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Education Pilot Program

Pilot program for educational institutions

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Lecturers and teachers of these institutions already use Presentain


Presentain Pilot Program in Education
terms and conditions

Each individual that signed up for Pilot Program would get a free unlimited Presentain account for using in educational institutions. In case an education institution or a faculty signs up, all of the institution or faculty employees would get free Presentain accounts.

Pilot Program starts on January 1st 2014 and will end on July 1st 2014. All Pilot Program Presentain accounts will be downgraded to a Free subscription after the Pilot period is end, unless the account holder decides to go with the paid plan. In this case his/her account will migrate to a selected plan following corresponding subscription payment.

Presentain team anticipates and encourages all Pilot Program participants to use Presentain in classes and be proactive in providing feedback on Presentain

During the 6 months Pilot Program period Presentain team will work closely with all Pilot Program participants providing support, capturing feedback and developing/updating most requested features.